Thursday, September 28, 2006

10 Knitterly things you don't know about me

I don't have any real exciting progress to show... I finish one of the Socks of Doom, and am halfway down the leg of the second. Life continues to interfere with my speedy knitting on these. And today, I'm taking a mini-break from knitting them so I can finish up my Dishcloth for the dishcloth shuffle.

So, I figured I'd entertain you with Gumperina's meme:

1. The first 'real' thing I ever knit was a sweater. I had knit numerous scarves for my cabbage patch doll, but no real 'person' sized scarves or mittens or hats. Nope. I went straight to a sweater.
2. I knit that sweater in the summer, while I was living in my families cabin, working as a lifeguard. I remember going to K-Mart to pick out the yarn... I think the total cost for the whole sweater was $20. I would knit all week, and when my mom got there on the weekends, she would check it out, and make sure I hadn't made an major mistakes.
3. About two weeks before my high school sweetheart broke up with me, I had knit him a pair of mittens. Very cool mittens, may I add - with blue and black stripes. I hadn't heard of the 'sweater curse'.
4. The 3rd sweater I knit was for my then boyfriend, Aaron. I still didn't know about the sweater curse. But for us - guess it wasn't true!!! I've knit him 2 more sweater since. He doesn't wear any of them (hence, my new rule of hat only knitting for Aaron).
5. I hate knitting with colorwork. Love cables. Love any kind of textured knitting.... but hate colorwork. And once knit up, doubt I would ever wear a fairisle.
6. One exception to this rule is slipstitch. LOVE patterns with slipstitch colorwork - I just think it is cool.
7. I seem to have some sort of disfunction when it comes to knitting hats. It takes me at least 4 tries, if not more, to get the proper gauge when knitting a hat. This problem is the reason that only just this year have I been able to knit a hat for Aaron that actually fits right.
8. When I buy new yarn, I am more likely to knit with it if I use it right away. Once a skein of yarn goes into my yarn room, it then becomes precious.... and it'll take a lot for me to finally use it.
9. For that same reason, it is a matter of great pain for me to gift yarn. If I have given you yarn, and it wasn't for a swap, I must really love you.
10. I don't think that their has been a day in the past 5 years that I haven't knit a stitch. Maybe on the day I got married.... but that is about it.

Tomorrow, some knitting pictures.... I promise!



Thanks for sharing! I'm glad to see that you've been able to knit every day for such a long time - dedication and practicality and fun :).


I hear you about hats! I must admit I didn't know some of that stuff. (And thanks for the yarn :)


I enjoyed your list greatly. I finished my socks of doom on Sun. Morning. posted Sun. night THEN yesterday the package was returned!!! Aaack! misfire! The pattern was a lot of fun though.


Cece, the problem is with the swatching, it just shouldn't be done. The only swatch I ever did and I don't think I did it correctly was for the Sunrise Circle Jacket (yes this year), and it worked out great anyway. Maybe if the yarn is different then I may think about it....but I doubt it.

I knit Steve a jumper when we were going out, he did wear it, and the curse certainly didn't work for us. I am knitting another jumper maybe in the new year now for him (it is a secret) with Bendigo 8ply wool I got at the Craft and Quilt exhibition in June this year.