Sunday, September 03, 2006

Reporting back!

Well, I've just returned from my long weekend. And since Aaron really wants to go to the movies, I'll put this into bullet point form (with a few pictures).

  • Had a fun lunch with Cate. No pictures. Der. But great to spend some time with her catching up!
  • Did a LOT of shopping. Got yarn at Webs, a new book at Northampton Wools that finally allowed me to make Aaron the perfect hat (! I've only been trying to do that for 5 years!), MORE yarn at Colorful stitches, fun fabric from Valley Fabrics... and assorted clothes from the Lee Outlet Shops. What? It's my birthday in a few weeks. I needed it ALL. I swear.
  • We had lunch at the Red Lion Inn:
  • We went to the Mount. What a cool place. I protested at first ($16 a person!!!), but the history of Edith Wharton is pretty interesting, and the gardens were gorgeous. Here I am showing the progress on Aaron's hat:
  • Aaron arrived on Saturday, and tried on the hat. It fits, isn't to big, isn't too small.... in fact it's JUST right.

I'll give more details on everything later - but I would recommend the new book from Northampton Wools - they have a bunch of great patterns in there!



Glad to hear there is harmony in the family finally. The hat looks great!


oh my gosh that place is beautiful! you can see that they actually put the $16.50 to good use. The hat is cool too!

thanks for your bike seat suggestion Cece, I'll tough it out, I used to ride for my school team when i was a teenager, but the seat i have now is bargain basement bottom of the line cheap -if I can't cope in a few weeks time, I might upgrade the seat.