Friday, September 22, 2006

Random and WTF Friday

First! Thanks for all the great birthday wishes! It was an all around great birthday.

Now, I have some random things to talk about, but I'll do the WTF first. Right now, my house is over-run with inlaws. One of Aaron's cousins is getting married this weekend, and all the out-of-towners have descended on my house (and our Aunt's, which is only 3 miles away). My mother-in-law has invited 15 people to MY HOUSE for dinner. She wants to serve leg of lamb. The only place that I could think of to order it from is Blood Farm. My mother-in-law is Jewish by birth, but celebrates Christmas and Easter. I'm working today. And so is Aaron. But she refuses to go get the leg of lamb that SHE requested because Blood Farm slaughters pigs. You know, because she is Jewish. WTF!?!? So, somehow, I'm supposed to get over to this freaking farm, and pick up the meat for the dinner party that she has planned at MY house.

Honestly, WTF.

Ok - onto the Random bits, some knitting, some not.

1. I finished the front on Klaralund (or the back. whatever)
2. Chicago was a good trip. Lessons learned. Wine + tequila + beer + cheesecake = bad idea.
3. I sold my motorcycle. I'm dropping it off tomorrow. I'm a bit freaked out about it, but at the same time, know it's the right thing to do. It's almost the end of the season, we need the money for other things (read: fertility treatments) and I'm just not riding it that much. The good news is that it's going to another girl! I'm feeling good that it's going to a good, female home, at least.
4. My lace swap pal sent me ANOTHER surprise. Dark chocolate. From Harbor Sweets. I would take a picture, but they are in a safe hiding place that I don't want my MIL to know about.
5. I got the freaking CUTEST buttons for the Owl Sweater. When I get them, I'll show you guys. Green! Owls!
6. My friend Amanda got her new website up and running - got check it out.



Mother-in-laws are something else, aren't they?


I can't believe I ... um, I mean, you... knit her a sweater!!! And thanks for the mention of my new website. You are nice.


I hope you get another bike sometime!
Good luck with the in laws.


You want your MIL to shop on erev Rosh Hashanah? For shame! (Says the girl who was tracking down all sorts of last minute ongedients and who baked a dried cherry and chocolate chalah (or 2) for the holiday.


That post was a real cultural clash for me. Leg of lamb is like the MOST COMMON roast meat in Australia, you could get twenty from any supermarket, hell you could get a whole side of lamb from most butchers. When I was in America in my twenties I thought it weird that there was no lamb. Lamb chops, lamb backstraps, lamb shanks, lamb roast - we aussies love our lamb (we've got plenty of them). Alas, no dishcloth cotton (not much in the way of cotton fields in the dry aridity). Not much Judaism either (generally); mostly agnostics, catholics and protestants. The kosher section in the supermarket here might be about one three feet wide with four shelves at most.

Still, the mil phenomenon crosses all cultures!


WTF was right, how did it all turn out with the lamb dinner. I am sad for you having to sell your bike, but what you are doing will be well worth it, and you can always get a cruiser with a side car once the baby comes along and is old enough (say 1 year old) to wear a little bike helmet and come along with you.