Sunday, August 27, 2006

Crafty weekend!

This weekend was pretty much perfect. I didn't have any big plans... so I spent it finishing up things I needed to get done around the house. Some things weren't super fun, like doing the laundry, cleaning up a few rooms, and grocery shopping... but the rest was!

I started off Saturday by finishing up the baby blanket I'm making for my friends who are expecting in October. Yep, it's done 2 MONTHS EARLY. I rock. Plus, this is the first quilt that I did the quilting all by myself (machine quilting, don't get too excited), I also didn't the binding and put on a cute little label. Here is a little taste of how ridiculously cute this quilt is:

I was all excited about finishing, and was thinking about bringing it to them tomorrow, when Aaron suggested that I wait until the baby is born. It will give us a reason to drive over and meet the little guy (or girl, but they feel pretty stongly that it is a boy)!

Then, I moved onto finishing the sweater for Lainey. This should have been a hell of a lot easier than it actually was, but that is how it goes sometimes. You see - the pattern for this sweater goes from a 1-2 year old size all of the way up to a 11-12 year old size. I was making the 5-6 year old size, and when making the sleeves, I made them the next size up. When will I ever learn to just circle the size I am making on the pattern!? Grrr. So - the sleeves were 2 inches too long, so I cut off the ribbing, and ripped back, and then re-did the ribbing. I've never done anything like that before - and I'm pretty impressed as to how well it turned out:

I'm sending that off tomorrow - so it should arrive in time for her birthday on August 31st!

So then, I wanted to pick up and get back to that very awesome shawl that I haven't worked on in a bit. But I seem to have misplaced the pattern. Which sucks. But, did afford me some time to play around with making some dishclothes! First, I made a simple one from the book Cozy Crochet:

It basically involved making a square of single crochet, but hey, you gotta start somewhere, right? But then, today, I went to yoga with Amanda, and then we went to her place for lunch (and blueberry ice cream!) and a bit of knitting. Since Amanda is both left handed and good at crochet, I felt a little adventurous, and made another dishcloth, this time the Granny Square dishcloth from the Sugar and Cream ballband. That one also turned out pretty well:

I even used it to clean up the counter after dinner tonight.... and it works! Who would have thunk it?



The baby quilt is lovely, it looks so cosy which will be great as it gets into your winter not long after the arrival of the baby. The pink jumper finished up looking great even if you did have to cut the sleeves, brave girl. I am amazed too as to how good the cotton dishcloths work in the kitchen, I just wish we could get the Sugar and Creme over here, but I shall just get 3 balls of our 4ply and knit them together and that should about equal the 4ply of your cotton yarn.


Wow so many finished projects.
The quilt is SO cute!!!


I can't believe how busy you've been, and your projects are all so amazing! The quilt looks absolutely cozy and comfy, and I so love the sweater you did for Lainey - what a great pattern as well as the color! Fantastic work!


the quilt looks wonderful Cece!


The quilt is wonderful (and the lighting just adds to it)! I bet it feels extra special having done it from start to finish. Glad to hear you had a relaxing weekend. Miss you (and aaron...and abbey and henry)!


Sounds like the perfect weekend alright.