Monday, June 26, 2006


Ok. I know I haven't been blogging as much as usual, but that surely doesn't mean I haven't been knitting! I decided that today I needed to 'fess up about the ridiculous amount of projects that I have going on right now.

First, the ones I haven't even mentioned yet. Since I'm in Project Spectrum, and I've wanted to make these socks for ages, I cast on for the Celtic Braid Socks from Cabin Fever:

Also - don't remember if I mentioned, but I bought the heirloom lace wedding ring shawl pattern. So I was paging through the pattern, and realized that I need to do a little lace practice before I cast on. So, using the yarn that Rebekah sent me as a blog prize, I cast on for the Shetland Lace Tea Shawl:

Notice the picture is 'foggy'... That is how humid it is here! I walked outside to take these pictures, and my lens totally fogged up!

On Sunday, we went to the movies to see The DaVinchi Code, and I didn't have any 'in the dark' knitting, I cast on for a simple garter stitch scarf with some beautiful chenille I had in the stash....

Ohhhh so soft and nice. And then, the two you know about:

Trellis (one sleeve and the neck finishing to go)

And the Marmalade Jacket (first of 4 panels to knit for the body)

Phew! Lots of WIPs! I've been pretty good about keeping my count down to 2 or 3... now I'm at 5, or 6, if you count the Trekking sock. Oh well, better get knitting, I guess.



That is a lot of WIPs! But they all look great and you have such a variety that you can't get bored.

Thanks so much for your comments on the shawl. I LOVE that thing. What is it about that pattern that is so addicting? I had to laugh when you said you had to take off days to work on it. I was SO tempted today.


Your projects look great. I so have a bad case of startitis lately, I just want to start more and more projects, forget what's languishing on the needles.

Oh well, eventually I'll get into a clean-up mode. Cycles of knitting, maybe I should chronicle them.


All your WIP's are great, what type of yarn are you using for the celtic braid sock? I can't get over how fast you knit.


well that makes me feel really bad as I must have move 5 WIPs last night and know there are about 5 or more down the other end of my bedroom. Must knuckle on down


Heh, heh... your lens fogging up probably has more to do with how cold you keep your a/c!!!
All of your projects are groovy. Lucky for you, it's too hot to wear any of them, so there's no rush to finish. :)


My camera lens is the opposite - it fogs up when I come inside with it. Wow, you are knitting lovely things - the socks are beautiful - and all the colours in the jacket!!!


So many great things! It's not your fault that all these things coerced you into knitting them. If they had learned how to take turns then you wouldn't be forced to start them all at once. ;)


What a lot of great projects! I am so in love with that tea shawl - your picture shows the corner of the shetland sampler stole border (under your knitting) - it gave me the heebeejeebies as soon as I saw it. So glad THAT's over! I can't wait to see your shawl's progress.