Friday, June 30, 2006

Here we go again

Most of my closer knitting friends know of my problem. About halfway through most projects (unless I have 3 or 4 extra skiens) I start to worry about running out of yarn. Remember in my confessional at the beginning of the week, I mentioned a new, wonderful, chenille scarf? Well, last night, we took Aaron's soccer team to see Superman Returns. So I brought my scarf to knit on (which the kids were fascinated with, by the way). At the end of the movie (who am I kidding, several times throughout the movie also) I would put my hand into my purse to see how much yarn I had.

And I started to panic. This is 'souvenir' yarn - bought when I was visiting friends in Boston at Circles. It's hand-dyed, and I got it over 3 years ago. I can't get more! Panic! What can I do to add on to either end! Black!? Ridiculously long fringe?! PANIC PANIC PANIC.

Then, this morning, in the shower, I remember that I have a food scale.

So - I weighed the scarf (4 ozs)

And I weighed the yarn (5 ozs)

And I measured the scarf (30 inches so far).

Cool. I will stop panicking now.



Good thinking to weigh it. Now you can knit with pleasure and not pressure.


Very clever. I need to find a food scale so I can stop panicing about yarn and also so I can divide skeins for socks into 2.


I am always finding the mass of my wool - I am always ekeing it out!! I know that panicked feeling well!!!