Thursday, June 01, 2006

Dad's quilt

Ever since I got into quilting, my father has been asking, "When are you going to make me a quilt?". We aren't that close (he left when I was 2, weekly visits would result in me hanging out with his new wife while he either worked or went golfing), but once I saw my quilting buds making these quilts for presents... I thought this would solve my problems. See, one of my 'normal' quilts takes about 2 -3 months to make (due to limited sewing time) plus about 100 dollars (at least) in materials, and then another $100 to get it machine quilted. Not really an investment that I take lightly. I'm more likely to knit my dad a scarf. Out of acrylic.

Anyway. I was in a fabric store, and saw this flannel fabric with airplanes on it (20% off!) - and it right away made me think of my Dad. He was a private pilot, and actually had his own airplane for many years. He pushed me to get my pilot's license when I was 18... and although I don't fly now (cost prohibitive, to say the least!) it was one of the few fun things that we shared.

These types of quilts are very easy to make. You use a fabric like flannel or denim that will fray on the edges, and leave a 1/2 inch seam. Then, you clip the seams, throw the finished quilt in the washer and dryer - and it comes out with the fun 'rag' edges on the front, and the back looks like a 'normal' quilt! No real 'quilting' to do, or fancy finishing!

I'm going to put one of my "Handmade by Cece" labels (which I got here), and send it off.



Sounds like found the perfect plan, you make dad happy and don't overwhelm yourself.

Plus it's really actually quite neat, and more guyish then a traditional quilt.


"I'm more likely to knit my dad a scarf. Out of acrylic."

Even to a non-knitter THAT was FUNNY!


That cracked my up (which I needed - thank you) - about the acrylic scarf. The quilt is very nice, it looks so cosy and warm which would be nice about now (12 degrees C - which probably isn't that cold for you, but here it is pretty cold)