Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Still life in Craftiness

As I was running around this morning getting ready to leave for work I saw this:

The above picture is a perfect summary of my weekend (at least the crafty parts). On the far left, is the completed Rag Quilt I made my father. WAY in advance of Father's Day, I may note. On my knitting basket is the newly started (while watching the new X-men movie) Trekking XXL socks for the Trek Along with me, and the blocked Fields of Gold shawl (waiting for two ends to be woven in so I can declare it officially finished). On the arm of my recliner? The half-finished second sleeve of the Marmalade Jacket!

What I didn't notice, when I snapped this picture, is my work laptop under the quilt. I drove all of the way to work, only to notice as I entered my office, that I had left the damn laptop at home. And as I called my boss to tell him I needed to go get it, I realized that I forgot my cell phone. And while digging through my purse for the cell phone, notice I forget my wallet too! So - I left a message that went something like this - "Hey, it's Cece. I'm heading back home because I forgot my laptop. I would say to call my cell if you need me, but I also forget my cell phone. And let's hope I don't get pulled over, because I forgot my wallet too!"

Sigh. Thank god for a 3 day work week!



Yowza! What a great start to your day, eh?


You were blinded by the beauty of the projects!


Oh I hate days like that. But boy, you have some gorgeous craftiness there.


Some days, it's hardly worth chewing through the restraints, huh?

Pretty work!


well at least you had all 3 in one go andsafe at home.