Thursday, May 18, 2006

My morning (and other random stuff)

On Thursday's, well at least for the past 5 weeks (wow! has it been 5 weeks! Almost a habit!), I get up early, go for a 5 mile walk, get home, let the dogs out. Then I go get ready for work, and finally, go to kitchen and make my lunch. All the while, the dogs are outside running around. Every few minutes, Henry will run up to the kitchen door and check on my progress:

Funny thing is, if I open the door - he runs back into the yard. He doesn't want to actually come into the house, he is just checking up on me!

Bet you thought that since there was a dog picture, that there was no interesting knitting news to report. You are almost right. But, there is some progress on the first Cedar Creek sock:
If you are every wondering what color my front entryway is, you'll find that it matches perfectly with the STR colorway Rainforest Jasper. Ha.

This weekend, I am heading off to banjo camp. I'm pretty excited to get to go and meet a bunch of banjo folks, and hopefully get a good head start in my banjo skills! I've been taking lessons for about a month now, and I still like it! Not a pro by any means, of course. Anyway - we are a staying at a camp in a nearby town, and the whole thing kicks off tonight with a 5 String Banjo Extravaganza! Aaron and I are going - and I'm really excited. If you like banjo, and you are close by, I'm sure it will be worth going to.



The sock is great - have fun at Banjo Camp. (But why am I hoping for stories that start with, "this one time? at Banjo Camp?)


Gawd! That face, how could anyone not LOVE that face!


That is one of the *most* adorable dog pics I've seen lately! How do you get anything done with that handsome man checking up on you all the time???

The STR sock is looking great!


Yes, that Henry sure is cute, but I think Abby is my favorite. You may tell her, if you like.
Have a finger-pickin' good time at banjo camp- make sure to say hi to all of the cool banjo players for us! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Henry looks so worried, he's doing that lip thing - The Labradors do that too!! I love that he is just checking up on you!!
Lovely sock, the colours are gorgeous and the pattern really nice!!
Have a great time at Banjo camp, hope there's lots of duelling!!!!


I really like that colorway, what size needles are you using with the STR?

Have fun at Banjo camp, it sounds like a blast.

p.s. Henry's adorable.


Have a great time at banjo camp. There was this one time, at band camp......(just kidding).

I have just listened to you on, It was good listening to a voice, but I wouldn't have put your voice to your face. Anyway it is nice to actually know your voice now.

What a lovely dogging picture.


that photo of henry is too cute!!! Have a blast at banjo camp - it sounds like fun.



can't wait to hear all the banjo camp stories .....

unless what happens at banjo camp stays at banjo camp!


Don't you just love dogs! I mean they have the best personalities. Abner will do that too if he's in his kennel, he'll come to the door, stick his head through the doggy door just to check up on us. Animals, you just have to love them!