Friday, May 12, 2006

Is that the one with the wrong color?

Yeah. That is what Aaron said when I asked him to hold up the finished Fields of Gold shawl. Even he sees the obvious 'flaw' in this project. Sigh. I abandoned it a few months ago when I discovered that not only was there one skein that was noticeably darker than the rest - but even then the ones that seemed close (all are the same dyelot, btw), have a distinct line at the skein change.

It took me maybe an hour of knitting to finish - and I still need to block it... I just love the yarn. I want to have a tub full of Malabrigo and just roll around it it - that is how soft and wonderful it is. But this is the first kettle dyed yarn that I have have such a dye lot issue with! I think the darker skein was mislabeled - but the others a clearly different also.

And, what makes me even more angry, is that I'm an experienced knitter. I should have known to use yarn from two balls, and switch every couple of rows. But - I'm not going to rip it out. I'm going to block it, and see if you even notice when wearing it - since it is a shawl, and I'll just be throwing it over my shoulders.

Oh - and it calls for tassels on each corner? How do we feel about tassels? (no dirty comments, Amanda and/or Amysue).



Well tassles may give it a funky eclectic look and tkae away from the color changes. But since it's so soft, does it matter if it doesn't match, it'll just be comfy to wrap up in when your cold.

Plus the pooch just looks too funny in that picture, I think he's saying, mom why you hiding behind that mom.


Tassles are only fun if you can make them spin in opposite directions. Oh and boy did I suck on the quiz..although I will once again point out that the correct answer to the question "What kind of bike to I ride?" Is always a Harley. I will not be seen with you in Laconia with that ookey thing you call a bike. I'm willing to let you ride a Vincent or a refurbished Indian, but just get the Harley and be done with it!


No tassels, please. Save those for our 'special playdates.' Oops, did I just type that???


clearly that skein was mislabled! But it's a lovely shawl anyway. Me, I'd skip the tassles ;) Sara