Thursday, January 05, 2006

Is it as bad as I think it is?

I've been obsessively working on the Fields of Gold shawl. Last night I picked it up (and shook it out to see just how long it was (32 inches - needs to be 68 - almost halfway!) When I notice this: Can you see it? One of the 'kettle dyed' skiens is DRASTICALLY different.

I'm considering ripping out (even though that piece took about 15 hours to knit) but then I'm faced with the fact that I only have 5 skiens (I got the last 6 they had) and it's going to take pretty much the full 6 to make it to the required length. I was considering alternating skiens every two rows - but that will screw up the clean look of the edging that is knit as you go.

The question is - is it as bad as I think it is? Or am I just freaking out? No matter what - there is going to be a bit of this darker purple in there. And who's to say another on of the skiens won't produce the same result? The are all of the same dye lot, and look very similar!

Augh. I'm working on something else until I make a decision.



Leave it. It's stunning. And not nearly as bad as you think it is. As you say, you have no idea what the other skeins will do, and the colors are all coordinating anyway. Mostly all I see is the flash brightness - and pretty purples. Sara


I didn't even notice it until you pointed it out. Not noticeable on here. And even now, it looks more like the play of light than a mistake. But, we can only see through the computer's eye, not the human one.


More info - the picture is pretty true to life. I didn't use the flash, the bright light is from my Ott light, in an effort to get a decent picture.

Funny thing is, sometimes it looks totally fine to me (well obviously , or a wouldn't have knit 32 inches without noticing), other times the difference is glaringly appearent.

Does that help?


I'd leave it, I don't think it looks bad at all, and who knows what you'll come into with the rest of the skeins. It's a design element, not a flaw.


I would leave it, it looks great!


Leave it alone, it's wonderful! However, if it really troubles you I'll be happy to wear it when your done . By the way, are you or anyone else up for Ukele Nori 9 in Framingham (see this url:


Leave it! When you use hand-dyed (or self-striping or handpainted) yarn, you have to let go of control. Breathe. Call it a stripe if you want, or just call it different.

If you're going to rip it back, DON'T, because that yarn will be inconsistent in other ways. Give it to someone else, and start again in a very uniform yarn. But I think it would be even better to just breathe and keep knitting. :)