Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Cool Stuff

Remember that black baby sweater I knit? I can finally blog about it! It was for Cecily - who has had more troubles in conceiving a baby than I can recount here. Now, she is at 34 weeks, and she finally felt ready to have a baby shower! Her best friend Sarah was organizing a shower, so I asked what I could knit for her - and she said that black was Cecily's favorite color. I just love the look on her face as she opens up the sweater:

Wishing her a safe and quick delivery!

The other cool thing, is that I got my sock needle holder. Remember when the Yarn Harlot showed them to us on her blog? Well I had to get one. And I need to report that they ROCK! Especially for someone who carry a sock with them everywhere:

You can also see my meger progress on the second Cripple Creek sock. I'm getting there!



It's so nice when a present is so well received.

That sock holder looks neat, although it may just be the picture, I'm thinking Star Trek.


Her face says it all.


Woot, how wonderful! I've been following Cecily's story and am so happy she's on the verge of coming out the other side. Hooray for you for knitting for her. Yay for the convergence of the infertiles and the knitters and the happy occasions. So awesome of you to make it for her!


Oh, I can't stand it! I've been reading Cecily's blog for a long time, and like Cate and thrilled that she's about to deliver her baby.

I love that you knit that black sweater for her. And how nice of Sarah to send you the picture.