Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Welcome to the year 2000

Look at what Aaron surprised me with last night!

Considering the group of techno-geeks a hang out with, I'm one of the last in my circle to get an i-pod. (of course Laurie I think wins the prize - she just got cable TV last year - um, welcome to the 80's?) Aaron figured that it would be a great thing to have for all the walking I will be doing this summer (for the Breast Cancer Three day? Sponsor me here). It's SO cool! And SO small! And I've already loaded it with over a day and a half with of songs and knitting podcasts.

Tee hee.

In other news, I've also been knitting on the Diamond Fantasy Shawl. I think I've mentioned this before - but I just love this pattern.

I just started repeat 7... so I'm closing in on the home stretch. The knitting is getting faster now that I've somewhat memorized that pattern.

Happy Tuesday!

*Edited to add - Aaron says I should tell all the tech weenies out there that it is 4 gig Nano. Super cool.



I lovr me ipod. It makes walking much easier-epsecially when you download knitting podcasts onto it!


Yup, I have a Nano, too. Love it.
And DFS is a great pattern, don't you think? I want to make another one!


Hauntily Laurie Says:
"My life was not centered on television, rather on the people around me instead, so I didn't need cable television."

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. (Man, have you seen "Huff" I LOVE it!)


It should not be called the "Nano", it should be called "Nanerd". Nerd.

The shawl does look extra cool. I just wore my new shawl as an 'accent piece' as I strolled down to the bead store. I figured that I could disguise the fact that I hadn't showered today by putting on sunglasses and a chic shawl. I think it worked.


I am glad Aaron added that last bit, I have been thinking about getting one. Didn't know about the knitting podcast thing - where do you download those from?


Ditto. Knitting podcast - where and how much? I got an MP3 by accident for my birthday - but only a gig. Nice color for the shawl.


Cast-On is my favorite and from the website you can link to several others.

Have fun!


Welcome to the iPod world!!!

I've left you a little something on your pledge page, good luck with the walk.