Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Since I'm the expert...

Ha. Just kidding!

A bunch of people were asking Podcast questions after yesterday's post, so I thought I would tell you all that I know. Since I've heard loads of good things about Cast On, that was the first place I went. I clicked around there for a little while - trying to make it go to my i-pod. Turns out that isn't how is goes. You go into your i-Tunes, search for the podcast you are interested in, and not only does it download the episode you are interested in, it subscribes you to all future postcasts! Cool!

Oh, and they are free.

And if you don't have an i-pod, you can just download the file to you computer and then upload it to your mp3 player.

Very cool. I also downloaded a few things from KnitCast and Knitting News Cast. I must admit, I've only listened to the Cast On stuff so far - and I'm loving it. She starts out her podcast with some interesting shout outs to new postcasters, and other interesting little things that people will sent her (like, where you can type in the 'word' directions for a cable, and the website transforms it into a chart, How freaking sweet is that?). Then, there are great essays and wonderful music. She also has fun guest speakers - like Franklin!

Yesterday, I took myself, the dogs and my i-pod on what was supposed to be an 'easy' 3 mile walk. I started from the field where Aaron was coaching soccer, and walked through the woods (no worry - there is a conservation land path there) to the house. The only reason that I knew that this path went from the field to our house is because I went from our house a few weeks ago on what was supposed to be a short walk, and an hour later, ended up at the soccer field (which is a 4 mile drive away). I had to call Aaron to come pick me up. It was embarrassing.

Anyway. I'm walking. Where I live, there are just no flat stretches. And that is what you are supposed to do on the easy day. Well, my memory from the 'lost walking day' was that it was a pretty easy hike (forgetting about the part where I got lost). Turns out, it was easy because I was going down hill the whole way. And this time, I had reversed the walk. It wasn't easy. It was totally uphill. The. Whole. Way. And there were stupid rocks everywhere on the path which forced me to need to look at the ground the whole walk so I wouldn't fall on my face. Thankfully I had my knitting podcasts to listen to!

Still working on the Diamond Fantasy Shawl... and still loving it - but no picture worthy progress.



At least you're getting out there! Is there a track or something at your local high school? That might be an option.


AWWWWWWW. Poor Cece had to walk up a big, bad, ol' hill. No, just kidding. What you should do is train the dogs to DRAG you up the hill! That's like last night when I was running my 5k, a student of mine whizzed by on roller blades. I told him I'd give him 5 bucks for a piggyback. He graciously declined.


Hey, congrats on the IPod ... I guess I'm going to have to give up and get one - so see there you wernt' last! As for getting lost...I don't suppose Aaron has ever done anything embarassing? Yeah, didn't think so - lol.s


Darn, I bet that was a wicked walk! But if you were listening to Brenda, then it was as good as it could be. Isn't she FAB?


Sounds like the death march I got dragged though a few weeks ago-I ended up unable to walk for several days (including a 3 day period where I essentially couldn't walk at all). I'm back to pacing myself.