Tuesday, April 11, 2006


My life has been a little out of control lately. I'm still doing my normal fun things, but have been getting a lot of pressure from work, family and myself on many different fronts. Yesterday, I went to the doctor (well, physician's assistant) for my yearly physical - and basically had a meltdown. Yep. That was fun.

But it made me realize that things are a little out of control. And that I needed to take some steps to get things back IN control.

Besides taking the physician's assistant's advice, my first step was to go and visit one of my very best friends, who also happens to be trained in acupuncture. She is one of the few people I know who is basically exactly like me. We work in the same(ish) field, we struggle with the same issues, and are basically like sisters. With that, she knows how to calm me down... just like I know how to calm her down (usually). So - she did a little acupuncture work on me which definitely made a difference.

But - the biggest thing? We signed up for the Breast Cancer 3 day Walk together. I've been thinking about it for a while, as my Aunt's do it every year... but just didn't feel that I could do it. Well, Paula helped me get ready for my Ironman - I know that we can push each other to finish this! And, the best part is that it is for a good cause. If you'd like to sponsor me, go here. I'd like to put a button on the side of my page, but I'm not sure how to do that - so if anyone could help, that would be awesome.

If you do donate, let me know - I'll put everyone's name in a hat for some fibery goodness.

In knitting news, the excitement of knitting the FDS is on the back burner. One of my very good friends at work is in the hospital with blood clots in her lungs! She knits, so when I called her I asked, "can I bring you some yarn? Would that help?" And she said, "I want a whole fucking sweater!". If you know her, this comment would make you smile, because it shows she is feeling better. Needless to say, I'm making her a sweater - out of chunky yarn, and am hoping I can pull of delivering it to her before she leaves the hospital.



Hi Cece,
Good for you for making some positive changes. I made a donation for you.


Best of luck on your "Road to Control". I can feel things spiraling out of my control right now. I know it's just from having too many priorities right now. I keep saying, just hold on until School's out!


I so know what you mean, Sunday my husband stepped on my foot, and it hurt, but I broke down into an absolute hysterics. It had nothing to do with the pain in my foot, it was just what triggered the break. At least realizing the need to make changes and get things under control enables one to do so.

Good luck with your walk, and your sweater, your a very good friend.


Why was 6 afraid of 7?
Because 7 ate 9!
(My cousin thought that was sooo funny this weekend, and it's always good to smile - sends out the good chemical in the brain I think.) Hope life gets easier?better. Warm fuzzy thoughts sent from my neck of the woods.


cece, you just put me over the edge on the three day walk. i have been waffling about it for a month. so there. i am doing it too! (besides, it is a great way to celebrate being 6 years out!)