Thursday, April 13, 2006

I used to think I was a fast knitter.

Turns out, I just used to knit A LOT. Here is the progress on the sweater for my friend.
Yeah, I know, I've made pretty much zero progress. In my defense, I've done some 'schedule changing' this week. Training for the 3 day (you can go sponsor me here and be entered in a drawing for fibery goodness) is taking up more time than my 'normal' workout schedule, Aaron's Uncle was visiting all week, and banjo is also taking up some of my knitting time! But, I think I have figured out a way to get my evenings back - walking in the morning. I tried it out this morning, and found that I'm not walking as fast as I thought I could, so I need to allow more time.

I'll figure it all out.

In other knitting news, I've been working on the new carry around sock and also a little bit on the Diamond Fantasy Shawl, but no noticeable progress.

I promise next week I'll be a more interesting blogger.



Very nice, even if it's not much, it's at least some. I like the color very much, your friend will be very pleased.


Hi! I donated at the link you left and hope you have a great walk! Are you still up for Stephanie next week?


But you already are an interesting blogger! Your socks are winging to you now...I hope you get them in the next day or two!


so much to do and so little time to do it in. Sometimes we just need a few more awake hours in our days.



I thought you needed that. BTW - your "almost no progress" is several night's worth of knitting for me. You ARE a fast knitter. You are invincible.



Mackie and I walk in the mornings (feels like the dead of night -lol), but its nice, less traffic and cooler. But the best part is its out of the way for the day! Good luck with the 'three day'