Thursday, April 20, 2006

Random Thursday

Hi there! I've decided that the only thing that sucks about knitting the Diamond Fantasy Shawl is that even if I knit on it all night, the progress really doesn't show up in a picture. I should make one of those fancy schematics like Gumperina. But I didn't. So know that I have started repeat 8.

So - I have a few random things to tell you about.

1. I joined the knitter's tea swap - hosted my my bloggy friend, Suzie. I admit to being a 'tea lover'. Coffee serves a purpose, but tea is more of a ritual. And since I gave up caffeine in November, I've been drinking a lot more tea. So this swap comes at a perfect time for me. Go over and join us!

2. While I was signing up for the swap, I asked Suzie a favor - could she make me a button for the Breast Cancer Three day? She agreed, and look how cool it is!? Thanks Suzie! Please remember to leave me a comment if you do choose to sponsor me - so I can enter you in the drawing for good fiber stuff!

This morning, I went for a nice (no rocks, with both uphill AND downhill) 4 mile walk. Let me say - that is an AWESOME way to start the day.

3. Tonight, I'm going to see the Arrogant Worms at Club Passim! Yippee!

4. Tomorrow night, I'm going to see the Yarn Harlot at Classic Yarns of Grafton with Amysue! Double Yippee!

5. *added later* I meant to post this for Kat's contest - 5 Places that I have knit.

  • Waiting at the Start of the Boston Marathon in 2003
  • Sitting (not riding) on my motorcycle in a parking lot (that turned some heads!)
  • In a small airplane flying to Nantucket
  • Sitting on the porch on my honeymoon in Crete.
  • In China. Everywhere. Not technically on the Great Wall, or in the Forbidden City, or near the Terra cotta soldiers, or at the Peak in Hong Kong - but certainly on the bus/train/taxi ride going to or coming from!

Phew - that was a lot of linking.

That is all to report. Hope everyone is having a great week!



I'm honored to sponsor you. I'm so proud of you for walking!!

I keep meaning to email you. Remember the beautiful tote bag you made me? Well, not only do I love it, but so does my cat. I swear, every time I put it on the ground he sleeps on it. I have to hang it on a doornob!


i never expected to have two people who kniot in China answer!


Knitting in China..I probably did, but as I was adopting Em (10.5 years ago!!!) at the time I don't remember much but her cuteness.


Since you wrote to me, I'm assuming you know, but I thougth I'd add it here just the same.
I am delighted to sponsor you. Thanks for giving me the chance to do so!
And thanks for walking for all of us.