Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Seems like its the 'thing to do' in Blogland to show your WIPs. Well - here are my active ones:

From the top:

Odessa. You can see the ball of yarn with beads on it. I've started to get ready to cast on. I'd like to do that before it isn't hat weather anymore!

Diamond Fantasy Shawl (to the right). The mistake I did this weekend wasn't a big deal at all.... and now I'm almost done with the 5th repeat of 11 (although as we all know, they get longer and longer as the shawl grows!).

Deep V Argyle vest (bottom) - ohhhhh the Cashsoft is nice (although the pattern calls for non-superwash wool, whoops).

My Fields of Gold Shawl (left side) - which was moving along rather nicely until I laid it down to measure, and noticed that not only is the one spot a different color - but at the change in EACH SKEIN there is a distinct line. Sigh. I should just finish that up and figure it out.

Missing: A scarf that is in my purse which is in my car.

That list doesn't seem all that bad - although I do know of at least 2 sweaters that are upstairs in the yarn room that have stalled. I'm just needing a break from sweater knitting at the moment!



That's not bad at all, if I were actually honest about all the UFO's in my house, well the list would be incredibly long. I found at least 4 socks I had completely forgotten about.


I apologize that I laughed about your twisted vest beginnings. I will try harder to leave the room before I giggle at something like that in the future.
Amanda the giggler.


You always choose the best colors!


That's funny--I just got an Odessa kit from my Sp7 and It's now one of my WIPs too!