Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Sock in the Middle of the Floor

Last night I had one of those 'sock in the middle of the floor' fights with a family member. You know the kind, you get home, and a HUGE fight starts about the sock that you left in the middle of room? Everything has been fine for months, the person totally freaks out about something small, and then turns the conversation into everything that they think you have done wrong EVER. Mine of course was over the phone (fun, let me tell you). What made it even better, was that I was home alone, crying, having a great pity/guilt party. I called Aaron, and then a girlfriend, who calmed me down. And also, today I called and smoothed things over with the family member - but it sure was a great night, let me tell you.

One new thing I've learned from this? No knitting lace while crying. There is just no way NOT to mess up! Since I had some tinking to do on the shawl, and going along with the 'sock' theme, (haha I'm feeling better if I can joke about it) I worked on finishing up the Broadripple socks. Like many others in Blogland, I've taken Project Spectrum and planning using the color themes to drive my sock knitting projects. This month, is pink/red - and here are my new purple and PINK socks!

Details: Broadripple Socks from Knitty
Yarn: Art Yarn Supermerino (color 108)
Needles: Susan Bates Size 2s
Started 3/2 Finished 3/11

I'm been trying to figure out what to do about this yarn since I got it from the Purly Gates (my SP5). It is wonderful and soft yarn, and I'd never seen it before she sent it to me. I tend towards the lighter weight sock yarn (Opal, Lorna's Laces, Schafer's Anne) - and decided that maybe I should branch out to some thicker socks. I love these! I also wanted to try knitting with the metal needles - and I have to admit - I like it. It's a little bit faster than with bamboo, but a little riskier, as the stitches tend to slide off the needle.

Off to enjoy some of the weekend!



Pretty! Love them.


My spinning class was great! It was probably the only 2 hours I'll have to myself this month.

The socks look great!


Beautiful color! Great!


All families have those squabbles, so just know that it makes you normal - miserable while the yelling is going on - but, yes, the person must love or they wouldn't be able to tear into ya like that. Aren't you lucky! LOL

I love the socks! Great job! I just finished a pink and purple pirate scarf for my daughter that would make those colors.


Pretty! Just the ticket for the grey, bleh days we've been having.


Those look great! I love the Broadripple---my last Sockapalooza pal made a pair of those for me! Glad you found a way to use that Artyarns. I love that stuff!


Great socks, I'm coming into my sock time of year myself. Yesterday I was sitting there knitting on Josephine and it was hot, and I thought really I should be knitting socks. Good thing I have a ton of sock yarn to use up.