Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Random day!

Well, I do have some knitting to show you - progress on both the Broadripple socks and the Fantasy Diamond Shawl - but I haven't taken any pictures, so you'll have to wait for those. I do have some random things to share.

1. I'm very excited that Eunny came out with expanded sizes of her Deep V Argyle Vest. I downloaded it immediately, and bought myself some Rowan Cashsoft in navy and pink to knit it in. I think that is next up on the knitting list.

2. I missed out on signing up for Sockapal000za. The sign ups were right in the middle of Kappa passing away, so I totally missed it. My SP5 pal missed it too, and asked if anyone wanted to do a non-surprise exchange. So, we are exchanging with each other! Isn't that fun?

3. This weekend, I'm hoping to do a little bit of beading. I really want to make the Rings Around Your Wrist bracelet from the Feb/March issue of Beadworks. Hopefully I'll get the beads in time from Legendary Beads.

4. I gave one of my friends from college the link to my blog, who then passed it on to other friends... and all of a sudden, I'm back in touch with my roommate from sophomore year. Fun!

5. Aaron has decided to get Lasik surgery. He is scheduled to go in on the 24th - I'm both excited for him and a little nervous. I've heard all good things about the procedure - but having a laser cut in your eye seems a bit scary.

That's it for today - happy Wednesday!



It is scary but I have not heard any bad thngs about it.

Lovely looking projects up and down this page!


the argyle vest is cool looking. i want one, too. :)
i know, i didn't come up with something sarcastic to say, but i'm fresh out of rudeness...
amanda h.


It sounds scary having laser on your eyes, but I know people who have had it done and they all loved the outcomes.


Best wishes for the procedure. I am too scared to go for it. That, and the fact it causes dry eyes for the rest of your life. Unless that has changed since my BIL had it done.