Sunday, March 05, 2006

My weekend, in pictures

This weekend, Aaron, my mother and I flew to Pittsburgh to watch my 7 year old twin nieces swim in a championship swim meet. On the flight, I started my Diamond Fantasy Shawl:

Everytime I knit a great lace pattern, I am in awe of lace designers. This pattern is awesome - you knit the border with the main shawl. It's super fun - and the color is making me happy.

Here I am watching the actual swim meet (sorry for the sucky picture - lighting in pools is really hard to photograph in):

That is great ArtYarns Super Merino that my SP5, The Purly Gates gave me. I'm making the Broadripple sock from Knitty. I knew I wouldn't be able to concentrate enough to do the lace knitting at the meet, and had to have something with me. The meet was SO much fun. Both girls won several events, and Kailey won overall points for the 7 year old girls! And got a trophy (which is a big deal for a 7 year old, proven by the meltdown her sister had when she found out she wasn't getting one also).

Then, we went home and just relaxed by the fire (more sock knitting)

And a highlight I think you guys will enjoy?

Kailey knitting:

Kaitlyn knitting:

Those are my girls! It was fun to see them, and their new house... but I'm always glad to be home.



Ah, the meltdowns. I know them well! Congrats to the fishees on their meet! Love the color of that shawl, go figure!


Looks like you had a nice weekend, I'm so happy my niece has become a knitter as well. It's good to keep the craft live in the family.


awwww... all the knitty girls ... very sweet!


cece! I can't believe that they are 7 years old!!! I remember when they were born!