Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Yoga of Knitting

*Warning picture heavy post*

What a wonderful weekend. So much more than I ever could have expected! First - here are some of the pieces of inspiration that Karen brought to show us - her work is just amazing!

Karen couldn't have been a more wonderful, down to earth or knowledgeable person! She had us captivated by her knitting, and of course, when a few of the group couldn't resist asking about her acting!(yes those were real snakes in Indiana Jones) Here she is showing the technique to our group:

And then - the people! What an amazing bunch of knitters. We were together for what, 48 hours? I feel like I made a whole new group of friends. I tired to capture the 30+ of us knitting in a room - and it was difficult - but here we are:

Some of the gals there were SUCH a hoot! (Hi Lorraine! Hi Ann! Hi Lynda!) Lorraine is convinced that we should have a knitting TV show with me as the star.... the opening credits would have me riding up on my motorcycle - then showing how to knit sweaters, doing 'location' shoots at different yarn stores and fiber festivals - we were laughing SO hard at some of their ideas! I really felt a wonderful connection, and I already miss you all!

Here is our show and tell at the end of the weekend (can you pick out mine?) :

And, because I know the gals from the weekend will want to see this, here is the finished back of my Grandmother's sweater. Finished as the Super Bowl ended tonight:

Lots of yarn has moved into our house in the past week, but that will have to wait for another day. I'm tired! Off to bed for me.



Looks like you had a hoot.

what fun...amazing things those swatches. AMAZING.


Wow - a real live famous movie star com mega knitting diva - that would have been really interesting! Love the swatches too - did you learn heaps?


hey Cece - we never did come up with a catchy theme song ..... note to self: call Lorraine


Now I am sooo jealous! Maybe I need to look into having her come to our shop for a class. Hmmm, off to look into that.
OK, which one IS yours?


I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time!!!


That looks like a really interesting class, although I must confess some of those pictures made me dizzy!

The sweater is looking wonderful too.