Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Yarn P0rn

Well. It seems that my month(ish) of not buying yarn is over. I have been looking at all these items below for a long time, and finally - just went out and bought them. The most long awaited is the Estonian Arches Lace kit from Nancy's Bush's online store. I've wanted that every since Stitches midwest. I was tempted to get it in a purple color - but went with the more practical Hearthstone (grey). I also got her new sock book - which, if you buy from her, she'll sign for you! Also in that picture is the Limited Edition Heirloom Knitting Shetland Lace Wedding Ring Shawl. I've been eyeing these ever since stitches East in 2003.... and this seemed like the right time to pick it up - only 500 copies of this pattern will be sold. And the little ball of pink? My Cashsoft Dk for the Odessa pattern.
But that my friends, is not all. Remember my mention of Colorful Stitches 25% off sale? Well, I swear I was just walking around the store when this yarn JUMPED from the shelf.

Words do not exist to tell you how soft and wonderful this yarn is. If you can't read the label - it's BABY CAMEL. Sigh. It is the most wonderful yarn I have ever touched... and I've been knitting for over 20 years! This yarn has become my new Olympic knit.

After over 18 days of knitting solid on my Grandmother's sweater - in super wash wool, I really don't think I'm up for the challenge on continuing to kill my hands on knitting a whole sweater for me out of anything but this! I've decided to knit the Blithe Baby Cable Cardigan. With the way my hands feel after knitting straight on the cabled sweater - and realizing that I am a VERY fast knitter, who after 18 days still hasn't finished that sweater (which, for the record, is a bit smaller than something I'd knit for myself) I'm getting realistic. Plus! I can't WAIT to cast on for this!



lots of the yarns at Colorful Stitches were aggressive like that! I am drooling over here and working on the whole Boston trip....


Oh I was eyeing that wedding ring shawl, it's fabulous. And Baby Camel, I'm going to have to seek that out just to touch it.