Thursday, February 09, 2006

Random day!

Something funky has happened to my camera - the pictures I wanted to post this morning are gone. Sigh. I'll figure it out and post again later today. But I figured I could give you a bit of a 'random' day.

1. The good news is that I am super close to finishing the sweater for my Grandmother. I have only a few inches on the right front to finish, and then the band for the zipper. I called Zipperstop on Monday, and had the custom cut zipper in my hand in hand yesterday - great service.

2. Of course, I haven't done any training for the Olympics. I don't even know if I'll get to cast on tomorrow! Must figure that out.

3. One fun thing, that I was thinking my Tribe friends would like - is Skype. It lets you talk to people across the world for free! I was talking with my father in law in China for an hour - totally free. My husband says it's 'old' technology, but new and fun with me. Maybe sometime, we could all get on the phone and talk to each other.

4. A new house project has begun, and I will be spending the day Saturday removing wallpaper. Again.

5. Is it sad that I am so jealous of my mother-in-law? She has a job running a historical craft center on Nantucket. Which means coordinating knitting, quilting, sailor's valentine's, felting, lace, and pretty much any other type of craft class. Of course, on the plus side - she wants me to teach some classes, which would be fun for me. I suggested she get in touch with Beth Brown-Riensel, Nancy Bush and Meg Swanson.... any other great knitters (with a historical knitting perspective) that you guys could suggest?

6. I was driving home from the gym on Friday, and I see this license plate ahead of me. I starting laughing out loud when I read it. I took the picture with my cell phone, so it's a little fuzzy:

If you can't see it, it's a HUGE SUV, with the vanity license plate as REPENT. It just strikes me as hilarious. He should repent for all the gas that freaking machine uses every day!.

I promise to post knitting (and quilting!) pictures soon. Hope everyone is carbo-loading for the Olympics!



That SUV probably belongs to a churchy person or priest.

With the virtual knit along, I didn't mean this weekend, we shall pick a weekend in the near future.

Good luck with the wallpaper this weekend, hey that will be cutting into knitting time this weekend.

We have a ride for dinner tonight, from 7pm, then tomorrow I have an undercover party at a friends in the arvo and then at 5pm we are going for a ride down the coast for about 1 hour with friends and then back for dinner at Jamberoo Pub (about 8ks from home), I will get to catch up with my nieces as they both work on weekends in the bistro.