Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Well, Grandma got her sweater, and she loves it. I called her at around 6 PM, and here is the conversion:

Me: So, you get the sweater yet?

Gma: Yes, it's sitting right here on the back of the chair for everyone to admire.

Me: Do you like it?

Gma: You can knit a sweater for me anytime! And I even think it will fit!

Me: You haven't tried it on yet?

Gma: I'm thinking of just hanging it as 'art'.

Me: Sigh. Please tell me you will wear it.

Gma: I'll wear it, I'll wear it! I'm going to wear it to dinner tonight, OK?

Me: Ok. Happy Birthday!

Phew. So - she did like it. And it did get there in time. So that is great!

And, here is OSU Number 3. It's day 6 of the Olympics, and I'm just about to finish the fronts of my cardigan. At the beginning of this challenge, I was getting all cocky, like it would be no problem at all for me to finish this in time. Now, I'm getting a little nervous. My hands are pretty tired from the whole Grandma sweater marathon.... and I'm also cutting into my knitting time by going to the gym and yoga. I was considering pulling back a little on the gym, for more knitting time, but doesn't that seem to go against the whole Olympic Spirit?! But, expect this weekend for there to be a bunch of catch up knitting. And, thankfully, I work for a large bank, and we get Monday off as a holiday.

She's still in medal contention, people.



She must have been the best dressed woman at dinner last night!


Awesome! I actually did have a friend hang the baby sweater I knit her son in the living room until he could wear it. She would show it everyone who came to visit. That baby's getting another sweater, you can bet it.


Just knew she'd adore it ... it was made with love! Rooting for you to finish the Olympic project - rah-RAH-rah sis-BOOM-bah!!!


Oh wow Cece it all looks brilliant!!!!! I thought I was on a roll with three FO scarves and a clapotis on the way for 2006 but you are just way ahead of me in the 'garment finishing power' stakes!! Well done. :-) Stripey