Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thursday's are Random!

Looks like Thursday are turning into 'Random Day' here at FiberFish. Here are a few random observations:

1. Although I'm loving the Baby Camel Sweater, it's killing me that the color is so neutral. My next project is DEFINITELY going to be the Diamond Fantasy Shawl that Donna gifted me in December. With the great spring green yarn I bought at Webs. Give me some color, baby... and no more sweaters for a while!!!!

2. I'm teaching a knitting class! AND a felting class. My MIL (the one with the job I'm jealous of, at the Nantucket historical Craft Center) has asked me to teach a few classes in August. I'm going to teach an adult beginning Sock Knitting class, and then a kid's wet felting class. I'm pretty excited - and I'm even getting paid for it!

3. The Olympic Knitting progress... last night I finished the fronts, and cast on for the sleeves. I think tonight I will sew in the ends on the fronts, and get them started blocking. So, at this point, I'm about 1/3 done... and we are more than a third through the Olympics - but I'm still optimistic.

4. Tomorrow night, I'm having a 'spa date' with Aaron! I can't wait. I'm getting a massage, and he is getting a salt scrub. We found out on our honeymoon, that he loves the salt scrubs, while I think they are torture. To each their own, right? Then, out to a sushi dinner. Great way to start a long weekend, don't 'cha think?



Ahhh..someone else w/ a love of color! I'm actually trying to limit myself to some more neutral (& easily wearable) colors as many of my creations require the entire outfit be designed around them!


Oh, I want a spa date!! Still waiting for Hubster to get me a massage gift cert!


Congrats on your classes, sounds like you are excited !!!

And a bigger congrats for the spa date ... what fun!!!