Friday, February 17, 2006

Just keep knitting....

You know how in the movie Finding Nemo, Dory sings 'Just keep swimming, just keep swimming'... well that is my mantra for my Baby Camel Sweater - just keep knitting. Here is the pile of knitted goods one week into the challenge:
In that pile is the finished fronts and 7 inches of each sleeve (as I'm doing them at the same time). In the next 9 days, I have 10 more inches on both sleeves, the entire back, the collar, and the button band. I'm still hopeful. This weekend, I'm really going to commit myself to finishing the sleeves - and then on Monday - I'm having an Olympic Knitting day at my house. There will be food, fun and Coupling. Heh heh.

Happy weekend everyone!



Go CeCe, you can do it!


Hoorah Hoorah!! Go Cece!! Yay!!!!! Dont you love hearing the cheering?? I want to come to your olympic knitting day!!Boo Hoo! :-)


Olympic knitting day - what a lovely idea. I hope you all have a wonderful time - and get lots of knitting done!


Yaaaaay, cece! you will get the sweater done! you picked an admirable goal (sweater) for the project!
p.s. wasn't that much nicer than my usual sarcastic posts?