Saturday, February 25, 2006

Here she waits...

The finished Baby Camel sweater. It's beautiful. It fits just right. It's soft and wonderful... and it's sitting on the banister, waiting to go upstairs.

What? No pictures with me in it? OK people, a sweater like this deserves a picture where the model doesn't have a bright red nose. I'll try to get a good picture tomorrow before I leave for the Closing Ceremonies. But, I'll give you the project specs:

Pattern: Blithe Baby Cable cardigan
Yarn: Blithe Baby Camel yarn by Classic Elite
Needles: 7 and 9 Denise interchangeable
Time to knit: cast on Feb 10th, finished Feb 25th.
Comments: This was a super simple pattern, and well written. The challenge for me was more with the color I was working with - so drab compared to my normal picks! And since the pattern was so simple, it was also challenging to not want to wander and work on something else to break up the monotony. Thanks to Steph - if it wasn't for her Olympic Challenge, I would have never finished this so quickly! The very best thing about knitting this? It was the yarn. Luxury, pure luxury.

As for my health, and the rest of the weekend? My cold is a bit better today - I think sleeping over 22 hours in the past 48 hours may have had something to do with my recovery!

Aaron and I did some work on one of the upstairs bedrooms. Aaron finished painting the smaller of the two rooms (in a plain old off white - shocking I know, but part of a larger plan), and he began laying the hardwood floor. I sat in the doorway and cheered him on - and finished the first of my Dublin Bay socks:

Do you see the very tiny bit of yarn left? I was sweating it out those last few rows, but it worked out just right. I was determined to get one sock for my size 10 feet out of one skien of Koigu - and I figured it out! The leg is only 5 inches long, I usually do 7 or at least 6, but these will still be long enough to keep my ankles warm. I have the second sock already on the needles, as these are my February socks for the Sock-a-month knitalong (I know, I'm cutting it close!).

OK Team Boston! See you tomorrow to collect my gold medal! Who's going to join me? I'm bringing my special chili, if that helps.



The sweater looks fabulous. How much yarn did you actually have left? More or less than the Dublin Bay sock (looks great too, more in your color line ;-)).


Congratulations! on gold. The sweater looks great!