Tuesday, January 03, 2006

What I did on my vacation

So - yesterday, I finished something! Here are my completed Pop Up Paws! You'll notice that I went with the fully closed thumbs... I lengthened the first one. I'm wondering if I have freakishly long thumbs - the pattern calls for 10 rows for the thumb, it took 18 rows to cover mine! Project details are as follows - I used Lorna's Lace's Lion and Lamb (silk/wool) which is just a wonderful yarn, on size 5 dpns. The Pop Up Paws pattern is very well written - a great pattern for a beginner. Instead of working you through the whole first hand, and then saying, "make second mitten, reversing all shaping", she actually writes out the directions for the left hand. Nice.

After seeing this on a few other blogs, I thought I would list out all that I have knit this year (it's more than I remembered!)

Sweaters: 4 for me, 2 for other adults, 3 for babies
Scarves: 2 for me, 5 for others
Baby Blankets: 1 for me, 1 for others
Socks: 7 pairs! 3 of those for other people
Shawls: 5. At first, they were all for me, one got given away.
Hats: 3 for me, 2 for others
Knitted Bracelets: 2
Felted Bags: 2
'Other': 1
Quilts: 3

And, in the process of all this knitting, I don't have too much 'carry over'. I have 3 in-progress sweaters, one in-progress shawl, and 2 unfinished pairs of socks. Looking forward to 2006 and all the fun it has to offer!



They look mighty nice! Wish I could get more me sweaters done! Just more me anythings done. Happy New Year to the Pups!


Hi Cece that is quite a list of FOs!! I'm Impressed!! :-) Happy New Year! Stripey


Phew! That list makes me very tired!