Sunday, January 01, 2006

05's Final Stash Enhancement

On Friday, Amanda and I went to Web's Year End Blow out sale. I went with a few clear ideas in my mind of what I 'needed' (the word need being used VERY loosely here). First, I was hoping to find a decent chunky sweater pattern and yarn to make for Aaron's mother. The sweater she had requested out of sport weight yarn just isn't going to happen. Then, some yarn for the Fantasy Diamond Shawl. Ever since seeing Cate's out of handspun, I knew I wanted something close to handspun (but I'm not a handspinner - so there you go). Also wanted to get yarn for Field's of Gold wrap - which calls for Manos. Then, maybe whatever fun yarn struck my fancy.

As, usual, Webs didn't disappoint. I found Rowan Biggie Print in a great blue color for Betsey, Rowanspun Four Ply for my Diamond Shawl (in a spring green they call Hansel). For the Field of Gold wrap, well, mine is going to be Fields of Polygala (an awesome purple!) in Maribrilo, a yarn similar to Manos. It's SO soft and wonderful, I couldn't resist - I've already started knitting that.

And then, only two items not on my list came home with me. The first is two balls of Karabella Gossamer which is going to turn into a beautiful 'Gossamer Shawl with Ruffle'. I got a close out color (it isn't on the website anymore) for $16 a ball! The other thing that 'spoke' to me was some Dale of Norway yarn for the infamous Lady Bug sweater. I now know why people can't resist this pattern - once you see it knit up - it is irresistible.

Not a bad haul! We also went to a bead store - where I got more beads - someday I swear, I'll make that Roman spiral bracelet I like so much - at least now I have the beads.

In bathroom news, we are now grouting. Super exciting, I know. We are taking turns - since the little tiles are a bit of a pain in the ass to wipe the grout off. Aaron is cursing me for not only picking 2 inch tiles, but for then getting dark blue colored grout. Looks nice, though, no?
Oh, and to answer a few questions from Carla, who left comments but no e-mail, the Marmalade Pattern is from Shelridge Farms, and I'm using this Pop-up mitten pattern.

Happy New Year!



So jealous! Like I need to go to WEbs. Didn't I buy oodles from them in Chicago? Don;t remind me.
Happy New Year!


Oh. I hate grouting. I love the tile though. Happy New Year!


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