Friday, January 06, 2006

Since I have no knitting pictures,

Say "Hi" to Elwin: Elwin is my friend Tarsha's dog. He is such a cutie! He is definitely a lap dog, weighing in at about 6 or 7 pounds. I love seeing dogs like this - ones that are SO different from my 70 pound guys.

Now that I've distracted you with cute puppy pictures, I can talk about my knitting. I don't have any pictures, but thanks to all your kinds words of encouragement, I have picked up the needles again on the Fields Of Gold shawl. I really have never knitted anything so BORING to blog about! While I've been knitting, I've been daydreaming on what to do next.

I've decided that I will of course finish the Marmalade jacket - since it's so wonderful and all. But then I have some decisions to make. I started the Little Edo jacket* (without mentioning anything about it on the blog) in the beginning of Dec. I also have the unfinished sweater from my Fairisle class that is nagging at me AND the NBT sweater that only needs sleeves.

We shall see. I also need to get Betsey's trade sweater done before Valentine's Day - but that is going to be a quickly Rowan Biggie Wool Print on sized 15 needles.... the perfect combination for a mother in law sweater.

*edited to add. I bought the kit from here. I can't find a picture anywhere, but here is the picture I took of the pattern when I brought it home.



Little Edo jacket? Whose pattern? Where? Links, we need links.


Oh my now that's a cute pooch. IT's funny to see little dogs, although she doesn't look little in the picture, perpsective and all, when our beasts are so huge.


Very cute! Congratz on picking up the needles again!