Friday, January 13, 2006

Little Things

Since my marathon of Christmas knitting, I seem to be drawn to little things. Making mittens, starting a hat, working a on shawl, while although not small (I'm up to 52 inches now!) involves no shaping. As my take along knitting, I've been making these Wrist Warmers from Stitch n Bitch Nation. I love them! It's a fun design, and I'm sure everyone is noticing the theme.... in Noro Kureyon.

It's a Noro Thing. I'm sure you understand.

In other news, Danielle (aka Ms Purl), a member of the Tribe - sent me these fun stitch markers! They are great! Thanks so much. There is nothing better than getting a little surprise in the mail.

This week has been pretty stressful at work, when I got home last night I had a tightness in my chest I just couldn't shake - you know those 'something bothering me' sort of feelings? Got a good nights sleep last night, and am meeting friends after work - I do feel better today - hopefully the weekend cures it! We have Monday off, so Aaron and I are going to Nantucket to see his Grandfather. TGIF for sure.



I love the colors in your wrist warmers! Very cheery! And yes, Miss Purl is too kind!


Watch that chest! I know now, it's important to have it checked out, even if everything was negative on my tests. Hope it doesn't return.
Lovely stuff!! Puppy smooches!


Have a wonderful trip to Nantucket, hopefully it will calm you very much.


Note to time send more color!


You've got me worried about the chest pains sweetie. Go see a doc - promise.

Love the wrist warmers. I tried that pattern a while back - and it was not even half as wonderful as yours. Maybe I need to ask you for tips eh?!