Thursday, December 22, 2005

Wonderful night

Tonight, I went to dinner with my quilting friends. They are so much fun! We drank wine, caught up, and just in general, had fun. They are a really funny group of people right now (well, more than normal), as they all have kids, and are starting to 'lose it' with Christmas quickly approaching. Karen, who has 3 boys, said that they have school tomorrow, and she feels bad for the teachers - they school is going to be like a 'holding pen' before the weekend. Too funny. Of course, when you get together with a bunch of crafty people, crafty gifts are given. I gave away my Booga bag to Amanda, and she LOVED it. I also had made another beaded knitted bracelet for Karen, who was very excited. I love having friends who truly appreciate handmade gifts... I know that it is rare!

I also realized that I forget to post about my visit to Loopy Yarns in Chicago. First- I will say that this place has A LOT of Lonra's Laces. More than you can even imagine. Of course, their computer told me that they had two skiens of the color I was looking for, and we could find only one! In this picture - you see the owner of the store sitting in a HUGE pile of Lorna's Laces:

We never found that second skein, but I'll tell you what. I blew into that store like a hurricane. With only 30 minute to spare, a totally out of town gal, with luggage in tow, on my way to a business dinner, and these woman greeted me with open arms. We were digging through bins, ohing and ahing over the other (WRONG) colors, it was a fun time. They have a lot of other yarns also - I must admit to adding some Lion and Lamb (silk/wool mix) and a little bit of sock yarn to my stash - I just had to make all of their work worth it! Once I finish with the Super Secret Gifts, I'm using that silk yarn to make myself some Pop Up Paws. That's right, a little knitting for ME ME ME!

TGIF, folks - tomorrow is my last day of work for the next 10 days! Vacation, glorious vacation.



You have done so well making that Booga bag. I'm sure you're friend would like it. Handmade gifts afterall are unique and the more you put your heart and soul in the creative process, makes the gift more meaningful.


Love the colours in the Booga Bag, and I would *love* to be in that pile of Lorna's!


Isn't Loopy Yarns the greatest? Vicki is so nice, and all that Lorna's!!!

Glad you had a good trip.