Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Speed Knitting

This morning, while reading my e-mail, I open the message from my father-in- law. This is a man who has helped Aaron and I get on our feet, when he visits he does MAJOR house work with Aaron, and he lives thousands of miles away, in Shanghai, China. Where the weather is similar to Seattle - very cold and wet all winter. We are sending him a package with Christmas presents, and he writes:

If there is still time, I have one request. This is not critical, but I would like a LONG scarf. I have two normal size menĂ‚’s scarves, but once around the neck and that is it. Color is not the issue here. I am not picky. If there is no time or if this poses a difficult shopping problem, do not worry about it. it was only an idea.

Yeah, you guessed it, I'm already knitting. I'm using Encore Chunky in Brown, 24 stitches (since he wants to wrap it twice around his neck - I figure 6.5 inches is a good width), in a Basketweave Pattern. It's seems to be about 5 rows to the inch, for a 72 inch scarf, that is 360 rows... and is taking meapproximatelyy 1 minute a row - does that really mean only 6 hours to a finished scarf?

I think I'm going to time myself. This package gets sent on Saturday. No time for pictures.



Speed knitting is right! Well I'm sure you'll get it done and I'm sure it will be gorgeous.


May your fingers be nimble and your frogging be on vacation! I always forget to tell you how corn-fusing the blogger test is. It makes me feel quite dyslexic! I can't tell you how many times I have failed it.
Argh, I just failed again! I thought I had it exactly!


I'm impressed you'll have that done so quickly! I'm making good progress with Branching Out!


Go Cece, we're timing you and cheering!!!
:-) Stripey