Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Scarf Update

I'm totally going to make it. He replied back that by 'long' he means 7 ft. It's currently at 6. I knit constantly from noon until 10 PM. (I was working from home today) Turns out, if you don't use thin yarn and a super complicated pattern, you can finish a scarf in 6 hours!

I'm just into the 3rd skein with less than a foot to go. I'm thinking of including a matching hat.

Stop me now.

I also neglected to show you guys my first knitted bracelet. Here it is! It's too small for me, so I've decided to give it to a friend for a birthday present. She is a little 'finer boned' then I am, and also a knitter - she'll love it. It is surprisingly easy to make one of these - the most time consuming bit is stringing the beads, and the hardest part is casting on (you need to place a bead in between each cast on stitch). I like the result, and have already cast on for another for me!



What a speed knitter you are, I can't believe how much you have done, are you off work or something. The bracelet it cute.

Thanks for my lovely gifts, you are great.


Looks great Cece - both of them! :-)


See we knew you could do it, 7 feet isn't too bad really, I have a scarf that's over 12 feet long! Actually I need to find that for winter.

I love the bracelet, so cute. I'm very tempted, but I need another project like I need another doughnut.


Branching Out knits up fast and you already have the yarn for it. I'm just saying..........