Thursday, December 08, 2005

Random Thursday

No knitting occurred yesterday. So I shall distract you with random things:

1. The knitted bracelet was a hit, and fit perfectly. I love it when that happens.

2. Saturday, I'm going to a full day class with Laurie, taught by Melissa Leapman. First part of the day is Fully Fashoned and Fabulous, and the second part is Crochet for Cowards. I think there is homework. I lost the flyer when I 'organized' my desk.

3. I'm blissfully ignoring the Trade2 sweater. I haven't touched it since we had that disagreement over gauge over 2 weeks ago. The good news is that I got an 'extension' from my mother-in-law - we are trading on Valentine's Day instead. Of course, I'm not sure that makes it any better.

4. I'm working more on quilting things than knitting. And I realize that I should show you some of that stuff in progress - because I lot of it takes just as long, if not longer than my knitting.

5. I somehow have my mother visiting two weekends in a row. Hopefully that doesn't turn into a disaster. But I was missing her, and bought her tickets to the Black Nativity for the 17th. I thought she would only come for the day. But she is all excited, and is planning on staying overnight - in addition to coming for Christmas weekend.

6. I'm thinking of going to this. Knitting and yoga - seems like fun! Anybody want to join me? Discounts to groups of 5!

That's it for today. No plans tonight, so I think I'll get Bernie's scarf finished up, and relax for a bit.



Watching you (virtually, at least) speed-knit is simply incredible. Amazing. Lucky FIL.

I might be up for that class. I've seen it before, so it must be good enough to be worth repeating. Maybe I'll overcome my intarsia aversion. Or learn to breathe through the pose, right?

You know that's the same Karen Allen from superman. I suppose it could be worse than intarsia with Lois Lane. Of course Rhys is going to be all jealous. I think the severe crush on her from 1980-something is still in full force. :)


I'd love to go, but getting there would be the thing! I loved her in Raiders!


How much was those air fares again, maybe in 2007 I will join you at yoga knitting