Thursday, December 08, 2005

2 'Fer

Tonight, I finished the Speed Scarf AND decorated the Christmas tree!

The Scarf is the required 7 ft long... and the tree is decorated just the way I like it - with lots of lights and an old-school jumble of Aaron and my ornaments from Christmases past. No color coordinated, 'themed' trees in this house.

Tomorrow we are expecting 4-8 inches of snow and we are going into Boston for Aaron's office Christmas party..... let the holiday's begin!

Stay tuned - I have a Christmas Blog contest in the works...



That's it, I am shamed into having to get the tree up this weekend, you all seem to be having great looking trees already. I wish I didn't have a fake tree, I miss having the real thing, ooohh the smeeell, I love it.

Great looking tree Cece.


Oh, such a smoochie puppie, surely he didn't do it. Aaron did it, I'm sure of it. Puppy would never do that. He was guarding the rest of the yarn so no one else could get to it.


Well done Cece!! The speed knitting is Fabo!! Your tree too. Our poor tree has been naked since Tuesday when I put it up but didn't have enough energy to trim it - It will be dressed and photographed THIS WEEKEND!! You know I dont have pets because I'm protecting the yarn and fabric - I should have realised much earlier that kids are worse..... :-)