Monday, December 12, 2005

The List

Ok. So I wrote it down, and the list of Christmas knitting that I have decided to do, it's not so bad. Here it is:

2 Booga Bags (1 already 50% complete)
2 knit bracelets (one is 90% complete, other not started)
1 Dad Scarf (similar to the scarf I made Bernie, but for my own father, not started)
2 Secret Knits. Both are significant in the time taken to knit, but aren't 'due' till AFTER Christmas. One is 10% done, the other 50% done.

I'm trying to get in touch with Swallow Hill Creations to get more supplies for the knit bracelets. They are located in Canada - don't know how long the shipping may take, but I'll just start with the Scarf for now....

See - that isn't TOO bad, right?



Not too bad at all, having a list always helps one focus too. Well for most people it does, for me it makes me think of all the other projects I could also be doing.


I'd even say that is Do-able...:)