Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Drumroll please.....

And the winners of my Cookie Contest are (that is right, there are 2!) Shannon and Kristi!

Although there were several wonderful entries, let me give you the reasons why I picked Shannon and Kristi. Shannon's cookies are both chocolate AND easy to 'make pretty'. Kristi, well, her entry had NUMEROUS wonderful AND Swedish recipes. My heritage is 50% Swedish (my mother's parents were right off the boat), and 25% German and 25% Scottish (on my father's side). So, my mother is all about the Swedish cookies, and Kristi had a few that I hadn't heard of!

Since there are two winners, you guys are going to have to SHARE the prize. Shannon gets the quilting book (since, if can believe it, she doesn't knit! Don't worry, we are working on converting her) and Kristi, the yarn for the Branching Out Scarf. Shannon, I have your address, but Kristi, if you can send me yours (ceceruth AT comcast DOT net), I'll get those prizes out as soon as I can.

I'm home from Chicago. I have a bit of a cold, but trying to fight it off, as I have next week off work! I have some pictures of my trip to Loopy Yarns - but those will have to wait until tonight. Got some work to catch up on here.



Eeeeeeeeeee! I cant believe it! I seriously never win anything! Thanks so very much!


I hope you feel better. I have a cold (again) coming on and 6 more gifts to finish and so little time (ack!)
Mom loved the Tea Pot by the way!