Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Traveling for work....

Today, I'm in Chicago. I wish I had a way to get pictures on my blog when I'm out here, but as of now, I don't. And hopefully, I won't be traveling out here quite as much in the future. Did I mention that I love my new manager!?

Thanks for all the great comments on the Yarn Room. I am super lucky, in that Aaron grew up in a home where his mother had her own craft room. And we have a house with enough space so I can have my own room. He didn't even question when I claimed the room as my own. And I recognize that my stash is large, but trust me, I know others with lots more.

And, depending on the status of Suzanne's apartment hunting, I bet if you live in the Boston area, she could be sweet talked into organizing your stash in exchange for a roof over her head!

Last night was a great Halloween night. Aaron and I actually had a bonfire in our front yard, and sat out there roasting mashmallows and giving out candy. It was a fun, perfect evening, of which I have no pictures. The batteries on the camera died.

In knitting news, I have turned the heels (plural because I'm doing 2 socks at the same time using the magic loop method) and am about 4 inches into the feet. They are looking great - even though a little fraternal.

Have a great week - I probably won't post until I get home.



Halloween is starting to take off here after many years of just a few odd kids coming around, I thought last week I should stock up on wrapped lollies, but I forgot, when Steve and I were walking on Monday night, there were a few families out trick or treating, the novelty shops here have heaps of dress up stuff, imitation pumkins etc for halloween. Cece, what is Halloween all about???


Love the craft room! Thanks for the good wishes. Have a safe trip!