Tuesday, October 04, 2005

When All Else Fails...

Post cute dog pictures! This weekend, Abby and Henry were very good dogs, and so they got some of their favorite treats - cheese filled bones. They stayed quietly on the porch for hours licking. I sometimes wish it was as easy to make a person happy as it is to make a dog happy! I thought this picture was extra cute because they are both doing the exact same thing - Abby is teaching him well.

In knitting news, I got started on the patterning part of my Gansey, only to find out that the class is canceled. Our teacher has some health problems (she assures us she is OK) and having a full day of classes was wearing her out. We have decided that we should continue on in our own little group - just with no teacher. Should be still fun - and kind of nice to not have to drive 1 1/2 hours one way to take a class.

Added later: I forgot to report back on my beading evening with Amanda. About a month ago, she was showing me all the cool stuff she has been making, and one piece totally jumped out at me. It was a necklace using the Dutch Spiral technique. Amanda said if I just goggle it - I could find directions online. OK. So I tried. I couldn't find ANYTHING close to what she had made. So, went I went over on Sunday, I asked told her that I couldn't find any information on the web about the Roman Twist. And she was like ' Roman Twist? What the heck are you talking about!?'. Dumbass. It's Dutch Spiral. She volunteered to show me, but I didn't have the right beads. Maybe next time. We instead worked on a fun flat woven bracelet - 3 hours of work got me 3 inches of bracelet, but it's super pretty.



No doubt that's a super cute picture, I love it! i could stare at them for hours.


Puppy pictures! Puppy pictures! I heart puppy pictures!

Can't wait to see the jacket done, have it sewn together yet??