Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Happy Happy Joy Joy

2 good things have happened in the last 24 hours. One knitting related, one not.

I finished the Tilted Jacket. After the last seam was sewn, I had that moment of angst that I always have at this point. Will it fit? Will I like it? Will it look good on me? Well - I put it on, and it is PERFECT. The sleeves hit at just the right spot, the length is just right, and the closure sticky thing I bought - it matches wonderfully. Do I have pictures to prove all this? Nope. It was pitch black outside when I got to this point... and the inside, 'flash on' pictures look like crap. I'm not showing crap pictures of an awesome sweater.

It's a really warm, jacket like sweater (hence the name Tilted Jacket, der), so I'm of course hoping for 'brisk' weather at Rhinebeck. Gotta show it off.

Oh. And by the way - that makes 2 perfect sweaters in a row. I think I'm finally learning what fits and what looks good on me. Hurrah!

The other good thing? I swam a mile this morning. The lap swim I go to is 30 minutes long. When I signed up, I figured I would pop in, swim a mile every morning until I got in better shape. Easy. Well, after the first day of swimming 1000 yards and feeling near death... I was nervous that I'd lost my Swimming Mojo. I used to be an All-American swimmer, for christ's sake! Have I turned into one of those athletes that talks about the 'glory days' from her recliner? Thankfully, not. I felt great today. My plan of swimming 3 times a week, and going to the gym 2 times is really going well. I'm already feeling the benefits.



Cece, those are two wonderful things! I can't wait to see the tilted jacket. And congrats on the swim, that's really wonderful. You must feel great about yourself!


Good for you! Two good things in one day. But man, exercise? I gotta go lay down.

28 packs? Can you say compulsive?


There is nothing more satisfying than having a knit you love that looks good! (I have not completely got there yet!) can't wait to see it :)

I am putting you on the list for Socktober. Thanks for joining!


Go Girl!

It does feel good when you are swimming and exercising. Now our weather is warming I am trying to get in the habit of walking of an afternoon. The river is even looking a bit inviting, so maybe soon a swim across the river and walk down the beach, will have to keep to the streets until then.

Looking forward to seeing photos of the Tilted Jacket.


Wow. I can't wait to see it in photos and in person. I'm betting brisk will be just the word. And me with no sweaters and only shawls to be proud of.

So, any chance you can rub some of that sweater mojo off on me? I could really use it since I am dead sick of making sweaters that don't fit or look good despite swatching and measuring like a fool.