Thursday, October 13, 2005

What happens in Vegas...

Really wasn't all that exciting. Both Aaron and I had a lot of fun (great dinners, a ride on a roller coaster 900 feet in the air and "O" was more amazing that I could have ever expected), but we didn't stay up late and gamble like maniacs - that just isn't our style. If I were to pick a place to go on vacation, I don't think I would choose Vegas, but I'm glad we went! I also learned a lot of good stuff for work at the conference... so all is good. Aaron has the camera, so pictures will have to wait.

I was able to do a HUGE amount of work on Samus on this trip. I made it all of the way up to the armpits, and then did the right front. I'm now working on the back. This was the perfect project to pick - because once you get done with the cable at the bottom, it's boring boring boring stockinette for ages. The directions 'knit in stockinette until piece measures 16 inches" should really say "knit on this garment until you are ready to poke out your eyeballs with a spoon. Then continue for another 2 inches'. But, since I want the finished sweater pretty badly, I'll suffer through it.

The good news is that I'm still out of the office for the rest of the week! Tomorrow, Susan, Laurie and I are beginning our trip to Rhinebeck! I'm excited to spend a little more time with these gals, as they are a blast. We are leaving tomorrow morning, going out for breakfast, then on to Northampton for some shopping, and after that, who knows!

Tonight, I'll try and get some pictures up for you to see - if not - I'll report back after Rhinebeck!



Glad you're home safe and sound. Take care on your next adventure!