Thursday, October 20, 2005

Random nice things

My first few days back at work sucked. I had a cold and after being out for a week, was pretty overwhelmed with all the e-mails waiting for me. And then the string of fun, nice, but random things started happening.

1. I stepped away from my desk, and when I got back there was a "Boo" waiting for me. What is a Boo? Well, seems that some people in our office are going out and getting fun Halloween stuff, and leaving it at people's desk. They leave a note, saying that now you are supposed to share the fun, and go give a 'Boo' to 2 other people. It made me laugh, and was a fun thing.

2. Then, I check my phone messages, and I find that I won a $500 American Express gift card! I entered this silly contest at the conference Aaron and I were at in Vegas, and I actually won!

3. That night, I met up with the Butterfly Gals for dinner, who always manage to cheer me up. Laurie made me laugh by giving me a tee shirt that said "If you need me, I'll be on my pedestal." Aaron just smiled when he saw it.

4. From dinner, we went to the book signing at Willow Books and got see hear some great stories from the KnitLit 3 crew, and also see The Yarn Harlot - even with all the things she has been through lately, she is still VERY funny.

5. The other day, I was asked to join 'The Tribe' by Annie. It kind of along the lines of the "Better Pal" that others have going on. A fun group of gals to spoil and they be spoiled! Can't complain!

6. And in work related nice things, I'm going to get to report to a new manager. That is going to lower my stress level by about 100%. Goodie.

Ok - back to work. I was going to show you guys pictures of the first finished Samus sleeve and my new hat, but for some reason, Aaron has the digital camera with him at work (and yes - the memory card error has been fixed). Tonight or tomorrow morning, I promise pictures!



Wow, well even though you were sick and didn't feel well, it sounds like it was a pretty good day.


Hey Cece - welcome to "The Tribe"!!!



Your day sounded like a good one all round. I am getting excited about knitting camp, I am all packed, and will finish work early to get some last minute things for family left at home, and then off I go for a great weekend.


Did I say welcome to the tribe yet?? Anyway welcome! Boy $500 us will buy a bit of stash enhancement!! :-) Stripey