Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I needed this...

Actually - both Aaron and I needed this. A few days off. We caught up on silly things that you never had time for (like buying jeans and going to the movies) and just got to spend time together. He is at work today, while I dropped Henry off at the vet to get neutered (no worries - already got the call, he is out of surgery and doing just fine) and I went for my Spa Day (a present from Aaron). I got a body polish, a facial and a massage. I could just melt. Sigh.

But, that certainly doesn't mean I don't have any knitting news! First, and most importantly, I must show off my Sockpaltwoza socks. The pattern is from IK's Waving Lace socks - which I'm so excited about because I was deciding between knitting those or the Go With the Flow socks from IK. Decision made! My pal used Cashmere folks, cashmere. Elann's Baby Cashmere, to be specific! So soft and wonderful, and they fit JUST RIGHT. My feet are really going to get used to this treatment, I'm afraid. And, did my fabulous pal stop at just knitting me socks? Nope. She also sent along some beautiful sock yarn! It's Tess' Designer Yarns Super Socks and Baby - the color is fabulous! She knit me socks in the color I need, and sent me sock yarn in the colors I can't resist. Thank you so much, Karen! And I did hear from my sock pal - she is loving her socks! Sadly, she doesn't have a blog - I'm hoping she'll send me a picture of her in the socks (hint hint, Kim).

Now, I need to show off the things I've done so far on my vacation. First, while I was at the movie theater watching the Transporter 2, I started my mulitdirectional Scarf.
I couldn't resist the pull of that Lorna's Laces Shepard Worsted that Tarsha gave me. It is so soft and wonderful. Then, yesterday, when my hands were a bit tired from knitting, I sat down and made up the necklace kit that Amanda gave me! As usual, the directions fo how to make it were so simple, and the finished project ended up so great. I don't know why I let myself get so worked up about beadwork. It's just following the directions (like knitting, der).

Well, off to pick up Henry at the vet - more to report tomorrow!



I'm so glad that you love them! I was afraid that they wouldn't fit. It was a joy to knit them for you. I did use the Interweave Knits Waving Lace pattern, but I think doing the socks toe-up and not doing the pattern in reverse made it different.

I also sent a small package of stationary. I hope you got that too!


Glad Henry did so well, hope his recovery is nice and easy.

I'm so very jealous of your days off, and your spa package. How wonderful. I think I'm going to inform my boss I need to take a day off soon, or I might just go stark raving mad.

Have a great rest of the day!


Sorry I missed your birthday, so here is a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY, hope it was great.