Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Big E!

So - my friend Laurie is involved in a Lace group. It's more than just knitting lace - they do all sorts - including bobbin lace. Once she found out that I took the whole week off of work - she asked me if I'd like to go to the Big E with her to demonstrate making lace. For sitting and knitting all day, we got free parking and entry into the fair! Since I don't have any shawls in progress, I thought I'd take my Go With the Flow socks (from IK). The yarn is birthday yarn from Laurie (Lorna's Laces), and I used size 0 needles. The ankle is a little too small, but from the picture, you can see it looks OK scrunshed down a little. It was a fun day, besides the fact that we had to sit in the same building where the NH 4H Club was doing all it's demonstrations and speeches.... a few were a bit offensive to my liberal ears! And, not only did I have to hear it once, but they repeated themselves 3 times! Sigh.

Besides knitting, we also went all around the fair. We had Lobster Rolls in Maine, Maple Sugar cotton candy in Vermont, and then finished it off with Blueberry Pie in New Hampshire. We then trekked across the fairgrounds to look at sheep (can't go to a fair without visiting the sheep)...where we found the butter sculpture. This year - it was of a cow riding a motorcycle. So funny. You can't really see it in the picture, bt you can at least appreciate the amount of butter that it took to make it! Our friend Jill entered a few hand knitted items to be judged... she won first place with her Shapely Shawlette. I really needed to get on the ball and enter something in a fair next year - I bet I could win something.

Ok - I still have more things to tell you all about my vacation, but I'll leave you for now. Suzanne and I are off to Florence, Mass to take a knitting class at The Wool and Dye Works. I'll report back later!



you are a good blogger. i like to read your blog and look at the pictures. i like it when i forget for a few days and then get to read several entries. it is the bomb. amanda


Sounds like a wonderful day at the fair, even with obnoxious speeches. Plus how can you resist a place that has sheep.

You know we've actually seen boxers at the Dock Dog competition. Odd, and only one, but still we thought it was quite funny. He did rather well in the competition because of the amount of power in his back legs for jumping.