Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Cows with Guns

Since I have no new knitting news, go ahead and entertain yourselves with Cows With Guns. My husband says he is dumber for watching it. I think it's pretty funny.

**Added later - day 3 gym update. I went. I worked out. I showered. I forgot my pants. Thankfully, Kohls is open at 8 AM. I am now at work, and wearing pants.**

Added even later - I have now added word verification on comments thanks to the spam I've been getting. Grrrr.



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Grrr for you. I am so glad you verified that you are now wearing pants, didn't want to hear of you being arrested.
Present is in the mail with a little extra for you. Can't remember what day the celebration is, so enjoy!


Love, love, love Cows with Guns. It brightened my day.


I've seen this off and on for a few years and love how the song gets stuck in my head. Thanks for sharing it :)



cows with guns was tooooo long. i had to pull out due to laughing and then not laughing any more, then daydreaming due to boredom. however, the socks you finished looked fabulous. though, if you worked with me sans a/c, i'm sure you would have opted NO socks today. sweatily, amanda