Friday, September 16, 2005

The birthday has begun....

Yippee! Yesterday was the first day that I really started to get excited for my birthday. First, my friends at work all took my out to Indian Buffet for lunch, and then we had a Carvel Ice Cream cake back at the office. And not only did they all kick in and get me a gift certificate to The Woolpack, but my friend Min (also a knitter) gave me this awesome Louisa Harden Kimono Ribbon Yarn. There are 4 balls - I wonder if it is enough for the trim on a sweater? It is so pretty, I really want to show it off - not just with a scarf that I won't wear too much. Wouldn't mind some suggestions from the peanut gallery. Sitting on the yarn - that is a great 'knitter' pin from my friend Lynn! And these are work friends!

Then, I got home, and found a package in my mailbox from Chris. She sent me a little birthday package - with a BEAUTIFUL Fairisle bag, and inside, I found some handmade stitch markers! Love them! (Aaron helped me take the picture last night - it's little artsy. Can you see the neat stitch markers sitting on the bag? A better 'full picture' of the bag is on Chris's blog.)

To round off a pretty perfect day (except that I didn't go to the gym in the morning, but I went this morning, which makes it 4 times in a week, not to shabby), I had my quilting friends over and I got to show them around the house, and I did more work on the Hibiscus Quilt. Today is my last day at work before a week of vacation! I bet my cheeks hurt by the end of the day with all the smiling I'm doing.



Happy Birthday, Cece!


What what wonderful things, it's nice so many took the time to show they care, and what better way then with yarn. I really think at some point when we cut ourselves, it will no longer be blood gushin out, it will be yarn. Maybe red yarn though.


It looks lovely, even if I do say so myself! Have a great birthday weekend!


Dear Cece,

They are beautiful, fabulous, wonderful, gorgeous, and not a bit over the top. I LOVE THEM!! Thanks for the Heatwave Socks!!

Your amazed-at-your-talent-sockpal,
Kim in OH