Friday, August 26, 2005

No proof!

I don't have any proof that the girls were here last night.... I didn't even think to take pictures. But Tarsha gave me this snazzy yarn weight. It's called a McMorran Balance, and there was actually an interesting article in Knitter's Review this week about using them! Jill had been on a trip, and picked up a beautiful glass barrette for me. No picture because it's already being worn. : )

I got some work done on my Tilted Jacket. In this picture you see the completed sleeve. I usually like to do the sleeves first, since for me they are the most painful part of a sweater. But, since this jacket appeared to me to have two fronts (as it's a cardigian) I decided to do sleeve, front, sleeve, front, then the back to break it up the knitting. Well. Then I read the directions. The front is all made in one piece! I needed to cast on 317 stitches!!!! Figured I might as well soldier through that part now, as I'm not sick of the pattern yet. Sitting next to the sleeve? That is about 3 hours of work. 2 rows. Since they were the first rows, I'm sure it will get faster as the pattern becomes more obvious.

I'm sorely tempted to cast on for something else. Must. Resist. Urge.

Oh. And Susan was knitting the Ballerina Jacket from Hanne Falkenburg. If I didn't have so many other things in mind to knit, I would be VERY tempted to buy a kit. They are fabulous!



The Jacket is looking great, I really like the color. Yarn Weight, interesting, I'll have to read that review.


I've never heard of a yarn weight like that, what a clever device! Be sure to let us know when you use it, I'm interested to know your impressions.