Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Purly Gates!

My Secret Pal sent me her reveal gift a little early - it's Sue from the Purly Gates! She has been so generous - and gotten me some really nifty things that I would have never brought myself (like the Pinoccio tape measure) found yarn in my favorite color that I had never seen before (the Wildfoote in Lilac) and this time, sent me a pin that made me laugh out loud. The pin says 'Knit me a Drink'. I've been trying for like 10 minutes to get a non-blurry picture, and I can't. Maybe Aaron can help me out later. But here are the other things - a mix CD, dark chocolate (elixer of life), beads, chamomile tea, and some fun hand lotion.

I can't really say thank you enough. This round of Secret Pal has been a blast. As was the last! I've really lucked out!

This weekend has also been very successful on the home front. I've peeled all the wallpaper off (even in the scary stairwell), I've sanded the walls down, washed off the remaining glue, and pretty much finished spakling. Which is pretty amazing, considering the trouble I had with the other rooms! I'm a little burned out, and am quitting working on it for now. Maybe I'll get inspired later in the week.

For now, I'm knitting on my Titled Jacket. I'm now at about 4 inches on the front... maybe I'll get to the collar split by the end of the day - it's slow going, and certainly not picture worthy!



I"ve never done the SEcret Pal thing, but it sure looks like fun, maybe when my life calms down.

It's always good to have a successful weekend at home, it starts the new week out with a feeling of accomplishment.


So glad you like the gifties! It was so fun being your SP!


Please, explain more in detail